Kiddy Paint! Free

Kiddy Paint! Free is a free Android app which converts your tablet or android phone to a nice painting canvas for kids. Simple yet powerful user interface gives your kid a sense of painting with real pencils. There is 14 main colors and for each color you have 5 degree of density.

The lower densities produces an effect like painting with real pencils. There are 3 pen style (free drawing, circles and boxes) which can be toggled by tapping on the most right button of the toolbar. You may also swich betweeen very thin to very thick pen size for maximum control on painting.

Please download from android market:


– This app is designed to run from your SD card. There are already some apps which are able to do that such as [App 2 SD]. However you always can do it yourself if you use Android 2.2 Froyo or higher. To move this app to your SD card, just after installation, please go to the Settings menu and choose Applications->Manage applications and then select the app and then at the end click on [Move to SD Card] button.

– Just shake to clear
– Double tap on screen to go to Full-screen mode and come back

– Buttons from left to right:
1- [MINUS] button: Reduce size of pen
2- [SAMPLE] area: This area between mminus and plus sign is a sample of pen strokes.
3- [PLUS] button: Add size of pen
4- [ALPHA] button: Cycles between five degree of color densities.
5- [NEW PAGE] button: Clears the drawing
6- [SAVE] button: In this version it doesn’t work.
7- [PEN STYLE] button: cycles between 3 styles: free line drawing, circles, boxes.
– This version of Kiddy Paint! is ad-enabled however the ad is not displayed in full-screen mode.
– Save feature is added.

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